Ted Wilson EXPOSES Cultic Scam

"Thank the Lord for His law & the protection it gives us when we are willing to put self-will aside & obey the law." (Ted Wilson, see tweet at left)

Ted Wilson is a solid brother who runs the 19 million strong Seventh-day Adventist church https://www.adventistarchives.org/quick-statistics-on-the-seventh-day-adventist-church, a fellowship of believers who honor the law of God.

And they all get the blessing.


But there are also some people who grow up as Adventists, but can't stand God's law. 

People like Vikki J., Theologian-in-Residence at the Seventh Day Grace virtual church.

Even though she received a quality Adventist education at Takoma Academy, she cherished ideas of theft.  A scion of the Bestpitch family, Vikki J. and her cousins were fond of stealing the government-owned road sign bearing the name of Bestpitch, Maryland, a charming community on Maryland's eastern shore.  Even though this is a felony, they never got caught by the police while stealing signs.

Obviously, "The law is the hedge which God has placed about his vineyard.  By it those who obey are protected from evil." (Ted Wilson, tweet above left)  And by it those who scorn God's law are unprotected from severe plagues. 

She was smitten with severe heart valve problems, and had to undergo Marfan Syndrome Heart Surgery, which involves splitting the chest open.


Ted Wilson's Seventh-day Adventist church has 80 000 congregations around the globe.  Many in really beautiful houses of worship.


Vikki's Seventh Day Grace doesn't have a church building.  Or a website announcing church services.  Or any publications.

Except this very small internet presence.  (see at right)

She collects as many donations as she can.  While minimizing any spiritual services provided.

From those unwilling to make a donation, Vikki J. takes loans.  Which she absolutely never repays.  Not even one cent.


"The wicked borrow and never repay, but the godly are generous givers." (Psalm 37:21 NLT, Holy Bible)

When Vikki's handsome husband was studying at Southern, he partnered with Canadian Adventist Walter Yamniuk to sell dildos and vibrators.  Randy told school administration this was to pay for his Christian education.  They laughed him out of the house, expelling this clown for "bizarre and erratic behavior".

Whereupon Vikki's husband cleaned out the joint bank account -- about $3 000 back in 1977, and blew town.  Walter Yamniuk felt sorely cheated.  Just like all of Moochie's marks have.


"How many a man might have escaped financial failure and ruin by heeding the warnings, so often repeated and emphasized in the Scriptures:  "A faithful man will abound with blessings, but he who hastens to be rich will not go unpunished." Proberbs 28:20 NKJV".  (Ted Wilson, tweet at right)

The punishment came in the form of a nasty case of pulmonary fibrosis.  Max life expectancy 5 years.  Diagnosed in 2015.

His lungs are scarred, and breathing becomes progressively more difficult.

Back in 2002, Seventh Day Grace pulled a particularly daring theft.  Cheating an Adventist out of more then $200 000.   In 2004, Moochie's husband was diagnosed with a nasty case of hairy cell leukemia.

And so this man journeys from one doctor's office to the next.  He spent a week in the hospital at Thanksgiving, and while faithful Adventists were celebrating Jesus and his love, Mooch's husband nearly died.


Even though he manages a world-wide church, Ted Wilson took time out of his busy schedule to warn these con artists who aren't even Adventists anymore.

So "Read about being a faithful follower of God's Word in my World Vista column this month in Adventist World." (Ted Wilson, see tweet at right)

And this is a worthwhile read.  'Cuz Ted Wilson talks the talk, while walking the walk.

Now Ted Wilson is a personal friend of mind, but even if that weren't so, I'd still have to say he's doing a great job.

So preach on, Brother Ted Wilson.


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